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Transformational Leader Certification

Certification is an extended commitment to self inquiry by apprenticeship and correspondence. This personalized training offers you mentoring and feedback in an independent study format designed to support your unique voice and path to confidence, competence and authenticity.

Certification requirements & fees:

Three programs are required for Transformational Leader Certification. The training vision shows how the three courses fit together. Programs may be taken in any order. Fee for certification is $420, which includes 3 one-hour mentoring phone sessions and a review of all required materials with written comments on the work you submit.

Required courses

1. Creating Transformational Workshops 2-day Get clarity about your calling…

2.  Designing and Leading Transformational Workshops 5-day Immerse yourself in a retreat….

3. Facilitating Transformational Workshops 4-day  Create the conditions for transformation…


Additional requirements

  • Design and lead two workshops: Within two years of starting this training…
  • Reflection on your experience of designing and leading two workshops …
  • Attend four workshops or experiential classes of any length, and record your observations: Document four workshops…
  • Facilitation sessions: Include a minimum of 5 sessions using individual clearing facilitations…
    Required reading for certification: Creating the Conditions for Transformation…


Further recommended reading


Working with Ken, Lesli and their team, through their workshop programs and completing the certification process, has been the most empowering journey of self discovery I’ve ever embarked upon. I was unclear of how I was going to achieve my goal of creating, developing and delivering workshops. I would cry any time I had to speak out loud out of fear and shame. Transitioning through debilitating shyness into the seat of leader and teacher is still mind boggling to me. I was starting at “square one” with no public speaking experience or workshop development – just a vague dream. 

I was hoping to be inspired by being in the company of others who had experience and clarity of purpose. Unlike some other certification programs they deliver exactly what they promise and when you do the rest, magic happens. I’m deeply indebted to them. Now, I’m able to apply mind-body approaches to help others find clarity of thought and purpose and healing for themselves in their own way.Robin Mathiesen, Ayurvedic counselor and workshop leader

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