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Thai-shiatsu bodywork is a creative Thai massage rooted in the therapeutic traditions of yoga, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and meditation. It is a spiritual practice of self-development that energizes the giver as it calms, balances and recharges the receiver.

Of special interest to body workers, therapists, yoga teachers, martial and healing artists, healthcare, fitness and movement professionals, it can be enjoyed by anyone, with some adaptations for physical sensitivities and body type.

The giver applies powerful acupressure techniques while deeply supporting the receiver in assisted-yoga stretches. Asian bodywork techniques include joint and soft tissue manipulation, rhythmic movement, energy balancing, breath work and meditation to balance and encourage radiant health in both giver and receiver. It invites deep release of physical and psycho-emotional tension while balancing the immune response and restoring body-mind resilience.

Using meridian energy theory and pressure points for specific health purposes, the practitioner awakens and balances the vital life force along the body’s pathways of subtle energy (meridians/sen lines/nadis) while facilitating blood flow and stimulating lymphatic drainage.

The giver moves from the body’s dynamic center (hara), using palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet as healing instruments. Effortless movement includes leveraging, leaning and lowering bodyweight with buoyant gravity rather than tiring with muscle strength. Stability, safety and sensitivity result from using a natural, cross-patterning, contra-lateral motion, as the giver is listening and comforting with one hand, while sensing and stimulating the life force with the other.

Thai massage is a blend of Indo-Chinese and local-Thailand healing art that cultivates a healing presence of loving kindness (metta) and the continuity of a meditative yogic dance. Shiatsu is founded in Japanese Zen meditation and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Five Element theory of TCM (applied world-wide in acupuncture) is introduced experientially through simple and powerful Taoist yoga and the healing energy-exercises of Qigong (or Chi Kung).

The marriage of Thai massage, shiatsu, yoga and meditation allows you to apply a wider repertoire of techniques, while varying the practice to suit your own body dynamics and needs.

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