Qigong Videos

Qigong and Taiji are holistic exercises that nourish your vital energy—body, mind and spirit—using mindful movement, meditative breathing, guided imagery, and attention training.

Easy to learn and for all fitness levels. Minutes a day helps you feel energized, relaxed, flexible, stable and strong.

Enjoy four 20-min. beginner-friendly qigong sessions, plus a guided relaxation.

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Qigong AM Awakening Qi artwork

1  AM Qigong: Awakening Qi – start your day feeling energized and focused

Qigong Spine & Low Back Flow artwork

2  Spine & Low Back Flow – feel flexible, balanced and stable


Qigong Neck & Shoulders Flow artwork

3  Neck & Shoulders Flow: – enjoy greater range of motion with ease and grace

Qigong Healing Heart Meditations Flow

4  PM Qigong: Healing Heart Meditations – relax, release stress, and rest in deep sleep

Ken Nelson teaches the healing arts of qigong, meditation, yoga, shiatsu and Thai bodywork. Senior director at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Ken has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong for 25 years. Ken has led workshops worldwide since 1975.